Sheet Metal Services

The Roof Over Your Business

Commercial roofing systems protect your workers, your products and your equipment from damage by the elements. Because of the large size of many manufacturing and storage facilities, replacing an entire roof can cost you more than cash; it may cost you a lot of downtime as well while your business has to be put on hold because of a failing roof.

Standard Roofing and Sheet Metal can customize the repair of your roof, maintaining the safety of your employees and facility while specifically addressing the worn or damaged section of your roof. Our fabrication team can customize the components necessary for your needed repair. For instance, if your flat roof is under stress from standing water, we will fabricate a custom scupper or roof drain to correct the standing water.

Metal roofing systems present different challenges and risks. Should your metal roof suffer damage from the elements, those metal seams may be compromised. Replacing or repairing the metal roof requires a special skill.

If you're planning an addition to your facility, your roofing system will need to be reviewed and may need to be updated. The movement of water from the existing building to the new structure will need to be studied. The existing structure may need to be modified, or the new construction may need to be reconfigured. Safely moving water from the roof to the ground and away from your footings, foundations, parking areas and driveways is of critical importance to maintain the safety of your customers, employees, and facilities.