Commercial Metal Roofing

Anyone who ventures into a business makes decisions carefully and with consideration. Choosing the perfect commercial roof for your company is no different. Primarily, there are two significant factors you have to consider: your future contractor and the type of commercial roofing material you plan to use. Not all commercial roofing companies have experience in all commercial roofing materials.

Aside from choosing a reputable company for your roof construction, you also have to check on the available commercial roofing materials on the market. Take note of your location, cost, longevity, durability, and style of your roofing materials. You might want to opt for materials that cost less and are more durable, but require fewer repairs or maintenance. Some of the common roofing materials you can choose from are sheet metal, asphalt, tile, and slate.

The Benefits of Commercial Metal Roofing

One of the most preferred commercial roofing materials is sheet metal. It offers cost-efficiency and longevity, sheet metal roofs are also more environment-friendly. They can be re-used or recycled which means waste is minimized, especially those from roofing replacements. Companies convert recycled steel into sheet metals, thus, maximizing their performance life. Since they are recycled, it also means less waste is produced from conventional roofing replacements.

Coated sheet metals can also be customized for insulation and ventilation purposes. This greatly helps in heating and cooling expenses. Those with highly reflective surfaces are also helpful in emitting solar rays and dissipating heat.

There are several varieties to choose from when you go for sheet metal commercial roofing – steel, aluminum, and copper. Many have benefitted for choosing metal roofing over other materials. Metal roofs have even been known to last from 30 to 50 years. It is also significantly less expensive compared to slate or tile roofing and handles even the toughest weather conditions. A popular choice of metal roofing is copper; this is due to an extension in the life of the product with copper roofing systems know to last up to 100 years. Copper metal roofs are more expensive but worth the money.

Concerns about Durability

If you are someone who worries about corrosion and the metal sheets’ durability, you can make it tougher by coating or painting. There are several paint systems commonly used on exterior metal buildings you can choose from - polyester, silicone or modified polyester, and fluoropolymers. Though the most expensive, it also has the highest premium quality. It also resists color fading and chalking. Due to its color stability, it is commonly used on wall and roofing systems. Such paints also maintain their gloss and have better solar reflective properties compared to others. Always keep in mind that successful commercial roofing greatly depends on your choice of the commercial roofing company and the best materials for you.