Commercial Roof Vents

Commercial roof vents, or ventilation systems, help in regulating the temperature within the building. It can also remove hot air and prevent moisture in your attic or ceiling. What you want is for your customers to feel comfortable and your business to have a good reputation. Standard Roofing acknowledges that fact and gives you the assurance of a clean and precise job in installing the roof vents in your commercial buildings.

Types of Commercial Roof Vents

There are several types of roof vents. Intake vents are the ones used to enable outside air to enter into attics. Ideally, these vents are commonly used with exhaust vents and are installed to make it possible for free movement of air into the ventilation space. Some examples of intake vents include Continuous Soffit Vent, Drip Edge Vent, and Individual Soffit Vent.

There are also Exhaust Vents, which are used to allow inside air to be pushed outside. These vents are also used with the intake vents. Some types include Ridge Vents, Static Vents, Gae-End Vents, Turbine vents, and Powered Vents.

Commercial Roof Vent Fans

Some roof ventilation systems contain fans. The purpose is either to exhaust air or intake air. Usually, it is used for the former. Heat can seriously affect the performance in the workplace or the function of employees. It can also make the customers feel uncomfortable and of course, lessen the number of sales and reduce productivity due to this. The benefit of having fans in commercial roof vents is to give the commercial space adequate airflow, taking out harmful substances from the air inside the building, and lastly, the combination of both intake and exhaust can help spread around the coolness of the air while clearing the air of heat and harmful chemicals.

Roof Vents for Flat Roofs

Although there are households incorporating the style, flat roofs are mainly used by commercial and industrial buildings. Due to its form, it usually lacks the air space it needs, and it also gathers moisture that may sometimes result in mold. Thus with this type of roof, ventilation systems can help regulate the accumulation of moisture and wetness and can contribute to the maintenance and strength of the roofing.

Commercial Roof Vent Covers

Most covers are made up of different forms of metal, from copper to stainless steel to galvanized metal. Its main purpose is to protect the vent from collecting water, especially those vents that intake air. Other terms for covers are vent caps, jacks, or hoods.

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