Commercial Roof Restorations

What is Commercial Roof Restoration?

Restoration means taking care of the roofing system to prevent it from wearing out. Commercial Roof Restoration can bring your roof back to a serviceable condition. It could involve performing major repairs to your roof or resurfacing it. It can help you save thousands of dollars because through restoration, you don’t need to consider roof replacement or perform any major restructuring. Standard Roofing can help you add extra years to your existing roof system. Commercial Roof Restoration can prevent leaks, stop rusting, save energy and add years to your roof.

Damages That Can Be Restored

Most roofs will last twenty to twenty-five years. Near the end of this, it is important to take note of any issues or damage to the roof. Standard Roofing can help you assess the condition of your roof, as well as help you restore it.

Water Damage

Leaks and moisture are possibly the most common problems with your roof, but people don’t usually notice it right away. Just because you don’t see any drips inside your building, doesn’t mean that there are no leaks or moisture in your roof. Through restoration, any leaks will be located and damp and moisture issues will be addressed using roof flashing and moisture barriers.

Fire Damage

Fires are devastating and can leave your roof damaged and unserviceable. If your roof has suffered fire damage, it is important to have an expert conduct a thorough inspection in order to assess the degree of damage and the amount of repair needed. Standard Roofing are experts in assessing fire damage to your roof. We can restore your roof to a first class condition.

Storm or Weather Damage

Strong winds and intense rain can cause great damage to your roof. These types of weather conditions could cause water to form puddles or even blow away your roof. If your roof has undergone such conditions, it is best to have it inspected to avoid further damage. Standard Roofing can give you an accurate assessment of your roof and have it restored immediately.

Replacing your roof may not always be the practical choice, especially if it can still be restored. Whether your roof has suffered damage or has deteriorated with age, it is always better to try Commercial Roof Restoration. You could save thousands of dollars. Call Standard Roofing today at (601) 373-5300!