Commercial Roof Vents

The Importance of Guard Rails

guardianFallProtectiThe installation of a new roof adds value and security to a property. However, there are certain things roofing company managers need to be aware of in order to prevent injury to construction workers. Although workers may have the capability of balancing themselves on various planes, support is still needed just in case a worker loses footing.

The Benefit of Guard Rails

Guardrails prevent falls and causalities especially during unfavorable weather conditions. The benefits of using guardrails include:

Easy installation and removal - The installation and removal of guardrails can be done in a short time. There are no complicated instructions. As a result, you and your team can start working on a roofing job immediately after installation and clean up quickly at the end of your day.

Durable - Guardrails are made from steel. As a result, workers don’t have to worry about the rail collapsing or breaking. These rails are also powder coated and weigh 44 lbs.

Reduces liability - When injuries occur, the increase of liabilities can occur rapidly. Guardrails are a good long-term construction equipment investment.

Guardrails help building owners to comply with OSHA standards of safety. When maintenance or other service personnel are needed to access the roof for repairs such as air conditioning units, fans, or clean roof drains, guardrails will aid in protection for both the owner and technicians.