Commercial Rubber Roofing

Having rubber roofs can be very advantageous for your business. Maintaining the comfort and safety of your business is equally as important as maintaining your reputation towards your clients. We at Standard Commercial Roofing understand your needs and we guarantee you strong and durable materials to help keep your business in A1 condition.

Advantages of Rubber Roofing

Rubber roofing can help business owners to keeping up the overall maintenance of their roof. Rubber roofing rolls can be simpler than having your roof entirely repaired. They can help with lessening the damages that your roof has sustained all throughout the years. With the improvised versions now available you also have a choice of various color schemes to customize overall appearance. So if your roof has already experienced wear and tear and you do not have the time to invest in having it fixed and putting your business on pause, rubber roofing is a fantastic alternative. Aside from roof protection, rubber roofing is made from used tires, and other materials that are recycled to make a sheet. It more environmentally friendly because of its recycled and reused materials.

Rubber roofing materials

Rubber roofing materials are made out of recycled elements and objects. This type of roofing is mainly composed of used rubber tires, saw dust, and slate dust that are combined to make an elastic, adjustable and economically and environmentally friendly material. The flexibility of rubber roofing and its lightweight materials make it easier to install as opposed to regular roofing. These materials also help with insulation and heating for better temperature control.

Rubber Roof Installation on a Flat Roof

A lot of modern business buildings use flat roofs which are more convenient, cost efficient, while giving that building a more modern and clean look. Rubber roofing works best when used over flat roofs as installation is easier.

For installation of rubber roof on a flat roof, in most cases we will use large rubber roll because there are no seams; thus decreasing the likelihood of having leaks and cracks. We will take care of the entire process of installation from clearing debis to lay the rolls down to the finishing touches like triming and checking for air bubbles. If you want a company that provides and installs rubber roofing with expertise, contact Standard Commercial Roofing now. We are the company for you.