Built-Up Felt Roofing

For decades, built-up Felt Roofing has been used on commercial roofs. It has been proven that this roofing system has a lot of positives. Having your commercial building installed with felt roof built up could be the option for you. Contact us at Standard Commercial Roofing for a dependable and accurate installation.

Like any other built-up roofing system, felt roofing built-up is composed of two or three layers of sheets that are made of felt materials. This type of layering makes for a strong and durable barrier for your building and flat roof.

Felt Roofing Built-Up Materials

Felt roofing built-up systems are made up of an absorbent type of sheet that is either organic or synthetic fiber. The sheets are coated with a waterproof substance that help prevent the accumulation of moisture. The substance can either be asphaltic bitumen or tar.

It is an insulated type of concrete or timber flat roof deck covered by layers of high-performance asphalts, tar and felts. With proper application, sealants cover the layers to make sure that the installed roofing is waterproof.

Installation of Felt Roofing Built-Up

There are two types of installation for felt roofing built-up systems. These are: the hot application and cold application.

For cold application, a cold adhesive is evenly applied on the surface of the roof, and the felt sheets are carefully rolled on the surface. Afterward, gaps or spaces in between the sheets are covered with durable sealants to prevent water from entering in between the spacing. Another includes self-adhesive felt sheets that contain a release paper that would be pulled out the moment the sheets are in place.

For hot application, a hot bitumen substance is poured and spread equally just before the felt sheet is unrolled. The hot bitumen immediately fills in the gaps removing the need to apply sealants most of the time.

Benefits of Felt Roofing Built-Up Materials

Aside from the fact that this roofing has been around for years, its reliability has been proven. It is also readily available and can be installed quickly. Because of its flexibility and the different-sized layers, it can be adjusted to fit small to large roofing. Other roofing surfaces such as flat, pitched, and curved, can also be covered by this roofing system.

If you need customization to accommodate intricate detailing on your roof, felt is an excellent option. The materials used are both sturdy and waterproof; assuring that the roofing system will last against wear and tear. Felt can also be used for other in other areas such as balconies and terraces due to its strength.

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